Donnerstag, 26. November 2009



Herr Gilke hat gesagt…


Uli Oesterle hat gesagt…

genau! ist dir das noch nie passiert, dass du vor einer kunst im museum stehst und genau das sagst?

Peter Oedekoven hat gesagt…

Ist das ein Duschvorhang?

Uli Oesterle hat gesagt…
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kalonji hat gesagt…

hey i will passin by to the STONE BUNDLE gallery see your exhibition and your crew the fantastic die artillerie CREW :-) i'll be there by 17h30 b'cause i've got my exhibition at the same time in the area ,start at 18h30 ;-)) how funny ?!

see you next week

can wait to catch you an get some booz ^^

peace lovely weekend

kalonji hat gesagt…

hey bro i'll be passin by at the exhibition ( stone bundle gallery )ok ?"
then we gonna get some booz and get drunk hahahah !!

Uli Oesterle hat gesagt…

hey j.p.

i´m just back from a little signing trip to berlin and hamburg.

would be nice if you show up there. if you have a good costume, that you can´t identified by anybody ;)
you have to give me the address of your gallery in the area, that i can come to your exhibition. funny. and of course we have to drink a little :)

the image is a just projector test on a radiator. it was for my comicbook-readings in munich.

see you.