Dienstag, 27. Oktober 2009


back from the home of asterix. immediately my first impressions from st. malo festival. how i expected, a pretty nice festival. et voilá!

the guy besides me: Steve Lieber, american comicbook-artist of "whiteout", which was currently released as a big picture.

festival signings.

the last of the signings above, i did for the highly estimated artist-colleague J.P. Kalonji, whom i forced to a combined photographie

last supper with all the artist friends and one of our two publishers (Akileos). in the background: Steve Lieber and wife. second row from behind - from left to right: Nacho Fernandez, publisher Emmanuel Bouteille. third row: ... in the front: Moi, Phillibert.

Monsieur Le Banner, french k1-legend - was unfortunatelly not attendant in person. but his manager alan, who asked for a signing in my book.


Herr Gilke hat gesagt…

Dieser "Moi" sieht Dir zum Verwechseln ähnlich, Uli!

Akileos hat gesagt…

Thanks again Uli for being such a good friend and a (very) talented artist!

Uli Oesterle hat gesagt…

avec pleasire, mon ami!